Top insurance companies in The Netherlands

Top insurance companies in The Netherlands:

The list of Top insurance companies in The Netherlands is very long. The insurance market in the Netherlands is strong, with many different companies providing different kinds of coverage. The following list of leading insurance providers in the Netherlands is arranged according to specialization:

Netherland insurance

ASR Nederland:

ASR Nederland is a significant Dutch insurance company with its main office located in Utrecht, Netherlands. The business provides a large selection of insurance products, such as:

Insurance for both property and liability, insurance for disabilities, Health coverage, Retirement Plans, life assurance, funeral coverage, and  Investment goods. Additionally, they steer clear of sectors like tobacco and firearms and instead use their customer premiums to fund sustainable projects.

Here are a few updates on ASR Netherlands:

They unveiled their growth plan and audacious targets for the years 2024–2026 on June 27, 2024. This follows their successful acquisition of Aegon Nederland, which solidifies their standing as the top insurer in the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands, Aegon has been in business for 175 years and offers banking, life insurance, pensions, and other financial services. Aegon the Netherlands offers a comprehensive selection of general insurance, mortgages, long-term savings plans, and life insurance. By the end of December 2022, 3,700 individuals were employe by the company.

Distributed through banks, independent agents, retail sales organizations, corporate and institutional clients, and online channels, products and solutions are offered. Top insurance companies in The Netherlands. Aegon, one of the most well-known firms in the Dutch financial industry, ranks fifth in individual life insurance and second in group pensions in the country.

In the Netherlands, Aegon offers pensions to four million individuals, and more than 225,000 homeowners have used Aegon mortgages to finance their homes. The company was founded 175 years ago in the Netherlands. Over the course of that lengthy history, there have been five predecessor companies that all had the same goal is to support people in their most vulnerable moments and help them reach financial security. Following the merging of AGO and Ennia, Aegon became a distinct brand in 1983.

CZ :

CZ is a Dutch health insurance provider, more precisely the third-biggest non-profit provider in the country. Their primary goal is to give their policyholders access to quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. What you might want to know about CZ is broken down here:

Services Provided

As required by the Dutch healthcare system, CZ offers the minimum health insurance plans. Additionally, they provide a range of add-on insurance plans for extra coverage, such as complementary or alternative medicine or physiotherapy.

Serving more than 3.7 million people, CZ accounts for over 21% of the Dutch healthcare market. first established as Het Centraal Ziekenfonds in 1930. It grew to be a significant player through mergers and partnerships. Renowned for emphasizing social responsibility and operating as a nonprofit.

Extra Details:

For policyholders, CZ provides live chat support, a smartphone app, and internet services. In the Dutch healthcare system, they place a lot of emphasis on innovation and the user experience, CZ Health Insurance Serves 3.7 Million Policyholders. In the Netherlands, CZ is a well-known provider of health insurance, distinguished by its non-profit status and emphasis on accessibility and cost.


Geové, Amicon, and NVS, three insurance companies, merged to form Menzis, a well-known Dutch health insurance company, in 2006. Menzis is the third-biggest health insurance in the Netherlands, serving about 2 million people. Top insurance companies in The Netherlands are top in the world.

Menzis  offer:

Basisverzekering, or basic health insurance: Essential medical care, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drugs, is covered by this mandated insurance. With a range of deductibles (the amount you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in), Menzis provides a variety of basic health insurance plans.

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Additional health insurance (also known as aanvullende verzekering): For services like dental care, physiotherapy, or alternative medicine that are not covered by the standard plan, these supplementary plans offer additional coverage. Menzis provides a range of add-on options to match your budget and unique requirements.

Why Choose Menzis?

Menzis is a viable option for your health insurance in the Netherlands for the following reasons. Put an emphasis on preventative care: Menzis provides services and deals to assist you in staying well and avoiding disease. The broad network of healthcare providers as  Menzis has agreements with a number of different Dutch healthcare providers. Menzis is renowned for providing excellent customer service and provides a number of tools to assist you in comprehending your coverage and navigating the Dutch healthcare system. If you travel frequently, you may find some Menzis plans to offer limited health coverage overseas.

Additional Information:


Before choosing an insurer, make sure to evaluate their rates and range of coverage.


Prior to your insurance taking effect, determine the amount of money you are comfortable paying out of pocket for your deductible.


When selecting a plan, take into account your unique requirements and medical usage habits.

De Amersfoortse:

De Amersfoortse is no longer a stand-alone health insurance provider. ASR Nederland, a bigger insurance group in the Netherlands, purchased De Amersfoortse in June 2021. This indicates that the ASR brand is currently used to market their health insurance goods and services.

What you should know is as follows:

Your coverage is unchanged, If you were covered by De Amersfoortse for health insurance, your current coverage and policy will stay in effect. Information and contact details: ASR Nederland will now provide you with information and updates regarding your health insurance. They  have information on their website concerning health insurance plans and policy management. In summary, even if the De Amersfoortse brand has been discontinued, your health insurance is still in effect and is currently administered by ASR Nederland.


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